Typically, when it comes to the question of “who should we bring in to educate and motivate our employees on the subject of health and fitness”, the choice becomes either a medical professional, or a personal trainer. 

Here’s the problem - though the Dr. and the PT is knowledgeable, they are not professional speakers or presenters. The medical/health professionals tend to put everyone asleep, and the personal trainers get everyone hyped up, but lose credibility because most in the audience are saying, “Yep, if I could workout 4-hours a day, I’d look like that too!” 

I’m the better choice because, as I tell everyone right up front, I’m not a doctor, personal trainer, dietician, physical therapist, etc., I’m you! I’m someone who as a pro athlete 40-years ago was in great shape physically, then after a near fatal accident, lost my muscle and my motivation. But I figured it out, got fit again, and have remained so now for 35+ years. 

And, oh yes, I am a professional speaker!