10-Minute Fitness


Today, you can do just about anything without moving. Many people today lack physical strength and are misinformed about the time and methods required to stay strong. This is about being proactive about getting and staying fit for life. With this proven formula, anyone can get there with a commitment of only 10-minutes a day, 5-days a week. 

Manage & Elimante Stress


 Stress has been defined as a state of psychological and physiological imbalance. Stress can be good, acting as a motivator for peak performance. But negative stress occurs when one is facing personal, social, physical, work related, emotional, or family related problems. What I teach in this presentation  emanates from my life crisis, and is personal, practical and time tested.

Science of Building Habits


 Real change happens with behavior modification, and that only happens when you develop lifelong habits. To establish a habit, you must have a specific set of ACTIONS that are performed with focus, consistency, and accountability. The best example is brushing your teeth. I teach why success of any kind is the result of consistently doing what matters most. 

Lose Weight Feel Great


Today - due primarily to false indoctrination and advertising - what most people believe about diet and nutrition, is false. Most medical doctors have less than 20 hours of nutritional education, as their skillset is to fix the problem once it occurs, not prevent it. I teach how to eat smart, along with giving  a wealth of information on the latest nutritional scientific discoveries.

Sleep Better for Better Health


Lack of sleep can leave you fatigued and significantly decrease your mental acuity. In this presentation I detail the seven habits that everyone should incorporate into their nighttime routine to make sure they’re getting the deep and consistent sleep their body requires for peak performance. Implementing the actions learned, will make these new habits permanent.

Get Fit at Your Desk


Study after study has shown that long periods of sitting can be bad for our health and even our life expectancy. Prolonged sitting increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and more. I will demonstrate a variety of quick and easy exercises that can be done at your desk. Many can be done while sitting – even in the car during your commute. 


All of my presentations are shaped in consideration of the age and life-stages of the audiance. I am also always eager to customize any presentation to make it especially relevant for your particular group.