about me

Shortly after stepping out of the NFL (I played with Archie Manning and the New Orleans Saints) I went parachuting for the first time. I had always wanted to try it. The details of that near fatal accident has become my most requested story. Because of my high impact landing I suffered a serious back injury.

A colleague of mine, who also had back issues, introduced me to a unique type of exercise that allowed me to get an intense workout and build strength without putting any compression on the spine. I began doing these exercises exclusively and experienced fantastic results.  

In 1989 I moved to Atlanta, Georgia with an entrepreneurial idea. Using my speaking ability, I began traveling extensively, educating and motivating busy business professionals to take better care of their most valuable asset – their body. During this time, I developed a new formula for fitness, and in 2006 was rewarded a U.S. Patent. 

My wife Melinda and I live in Marietta, Georgia and have two adult children, and three grandchildren.

my near fatal accident